How to determine the lack of iodine in the body

       In the modern world, with its hectic pace of life, bad ecology, continuous stresses and products mostly made with the use of various additives, stabilizers, and preservatives, it is difficult to overestimate the role of thyroid gland for maintaining proper functioning of the immune system. First of all, its correct functioning is affected by the content of iodine in our body. Here we will talk about the easiest ways to find out if there is enough iodine in your body.
First symptoms you need to pay attention to:
  •  chronic fatigue syndrome, drowsiness, easy fatigability;
  •  loss of strength, apathy;
  •  low resistance to stress, memory disorders;
  •  frequent colds, inability to fight infections;
  •  weight problems, constipation, puffiness.
       So, we decided to check if we have enough iodine in our bodies. What do we need?  – a cotton swab and a solution of iodine alcohol 5%.  With the cotton swab we draw three stripes on the wrist or forearm (approximately 5сm long and 1-2-3 matches thick. It is recommended to do so in the evening or at night. In the morning you can see the following: if only a thin strip has disappeared, everything is all right, you don’t need to worry. If two out of three stripes have disappeared, it is worth thinking about iodine prophylaxis. If all three strips are gone, you need to consult an immunologist or a therapist and conduct a full-fledged examination.
       How can we help our thyroid gland? Especially in winter, when the amount of fresh vegetables and fruit in our diet is low? Of course, fuel it with iodine-containing drugs of natural, organic origin. Seaweed products are an excellent supplement to our diet: they provide body with iodine in an organic, most easily assimilated way. Due to the fact that iodine in seaweed is found in various compounds, not in pure form, it is almost impossible to get an overdose of this substance. According to recommendations of the World Health Organization (see table below), iodine-containing drugs are prescribed to people of all age groups. Seaweed can be consumed as food additives, it can also be added to soups, hot dishes, when baking bread, including baking at home.

Нормы ежедневного потребления йода

Recommended daily intake jf iodine

       Do not forget about the other side of the coin: products with a high content of iodine are contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity to iodine and hyperthyroidism, individual intolerance is also possible.

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